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Pressured into buying? Brainwashed with “Stop throwing money out the window on rent?” As if bank interest is any better? We’ll help you decide whether buying is right for you, and maybe talk you out of it!
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“Trust Me, I'm a REALTOR®”

Yeah Right! When was the last time a REALTOR talked you OUT of buying a house or condo? Yes, you read that correctly. Here you will not find the typical “Hurry, buy now!” pitch. If that doesn’t give you some indication on how we do things differently, the rest of our Real Estate Blog should! Don’t get us wrong, we aren’t making a blanket statement saying not to buy, instead, with us, you can feel comfortable that we won’t “sell you” on buying (yes, we list houses too).

Oh yeah, we also built from the ground up the unmatched home search site. The site's data and speed will blow you away!

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